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Adelina Barn Wedding Venue in Gatineau

adelina wedding venue


You are seriously amazing at telling stories through these photos. Each one evokes so much emotion! We are seriously blown away, Steve

I’ve been lucky in my career as a wedding photographer to shoot some incredible weddings all over the world. No wedding is perfect, but I’ve managed to work with a lot of brides and grooms who throw the rule book out of the window and have a wedding that truly represents them as people rather than sticking to the traditional wedding formats.

I say no wedding is perfect, but Emma and Rob came pretty damn close to nailing it! Their wedding was full of laughter and genuine love and emotion, and everyone who was there will agree it was such a fun day from beginning to end.

The whole wedding took place at the gorgeous Adelina Barn wedding venue in Gatineau, Quebec, which, to quote their website, “is a bespoke wedding venue and floral shop located 25 minutes from Ottawa. Nestled on a private property overlooking 53 acres of fields and forests, our open-concept barn plays host to a limited number of intimate celebrations each year.”

This was actually my first wedding in the Ottawa area, although I have two more there this summer, and I was really looking forward to shooting at this venue after researching it online. I love the relaxed, rustic vibe and the feeling that you’ve escaped into nature. These types of venues naturally lend themselves to more informal weddings, and those are absolutely my favourite kind to photograph.

But what made this wedding truly special were the people. Especially Emma and Rob, who I knew I’d get along with from the moment we first connected. These are two nature-loving, easy-going people who just wanted to celebrate with their friends and family in an idyllic location with amazing food (Rob is a chef, after all) and a LOT of laughter.

I know that, as you scroll through the images below, you’ll see for yourself what a fun and very personal wedding day this was. And those are the best kind.

I definitely feel like I made two new friends and am looking forward to seeing Emma and Rob again in a few weeks when they’ll be guests at Amanda & Thierry’s wedding at another stunning venue close to Ottawa, Stonefields Estate. Huge thanks to Emma and Rob and all their guests for making me feel so welcome on the day. This one was a joy to photograph!

Adelina Barn is one of my favourite wedding venues in Canada. For more info about outdoor wedding venues near Ottawa and Gatineau, check out this blog post.

If you’re planning your own outdoor wedding, whether that’s near Ottawa or somewhere else entirely, I’d love to hear from you. Please drop me an email via the Contact page.

I’m a Brit living in Quebec with my wife, Evelyne and our three boys! Evelyne and I met in the Alps in 2003 when Evelyne thought she was a cool snowboarder, and I thought I was a superstar DJ. We got married in 2007 in Cornwall, England and moved to Canada in 2014.

I photographed my first wedding in 2006 and have now shot almost 500 weddings, mostly in Canada & the UK, but I absolutely love travelling anywhere in the world. I enjoyed it when I started but love my job now more than ever.

More about Adelina Barn

Adélina Barn is an intimate wedding venue and floral studio located in Gatineau, Québec, just 20 minutes from the nation’s capital. The venue is nestled on a private property overlooking 53 acres of fields and forests, providing the perfect setting for designing the event of one’s dreams. The location features a two-storey open-concept barn, a covered patio, and beautifully-landscaped grounds. The barn has been renovated using reclaimed wood and milled new lumber on-site while maintaining its authenticity. Additionally, there is a 770 sq-ft covered pergola outside of the barn, built to avoid the need for renting tents and as a backup in case of rain. It is furnished with outdoor lounge spaces for guests to enjoy a drink before, during, or after the ceremony. Adélina Barn can host celebrations of up to 85 guests between the months of mid-May to mid-October each year.

Michèle Bourgeois, the founder and floral designer of Adélina Barn, prides herself on providing clients with warm customer service, exquisite cuisine and high-end hospitality. Whether clients want their event to be held inside or out or be a casual affair or a formal plated dinner, the team at Adélina Barn will work with them to create a most memorable experience. The venue includes many additional features, such as beautiful gardens filled with wildflowers, unique arches and several beautiful options for ceremony locations. There is a fire pit area for late-night enjoyment. Adélina Barn is a truly unique venue, and the buildings and natural surroundings make it a beautiful place for wedding photos.

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