Invest In Memories

Photographs are something that will only increase in value over time as the images get passed down for generations.

It’s great seeing your photos on your computer screen, but there’s simply nothing that brings them to life as much as seeing them in a beautiful album. A bespoke album becomes a huge part of your family history. An archive. Many people, when asked what they’d save if their house were on fire, would say their photo albums. More specifically, they’ll often say their wedding album. And yet, in the 21st century, a huge percentage of couples never see their photos in print. We feel that’s a little sad. Imagine yourself ten or fifteen years down the marriage road, reminiscing on the happiness you and your family shared while celebrating your wedding. You simply reach for your coffee table and grab that wedding album and hold it in your hands.

There is more to an album than simply images stored on paper. A wedding album is a book that reflects your love, your family and your story. These pages are about your life, the people you care about and the start of your adventure together. We have provided couples with albums since 2007, and I feel privileged that photos we capture on a wedding day will be around for decades and, hopefully, centuries to come. We only offer Fine Art albums because we want the final product to be as high quality as possible.

Album prices start at $15 or £10 per photograph (minimum 50 photos) Simply choose your favourite photos, and we’ll begin work on the design of the album for you. We design albums with an average of 5 photographs per spread (2 pages) so if you choose 70 photos, expect your album to have roughly 14 spreads. Most clients have around 100 photos which would result in 20 spreads. Some spreads might have a few pictures; some might just have one. But we’ll design the album in a way that we feel tells the story and showcases the photographs in the best possible way.



Then we need to know if you’d like a picture on the cover or just a stylish material cover, perhaps with names and wedding date. You have the option of a 9×9 inch, 12×12 inch or 14×11 inch album. We do larger sizes at an additional cost too.

  • Printing with Archival ink on fine art paper makes it museum quality
  • Each spread’s paper thickness can be either thin spread (20mil / .5mm), so they flex just a little, or thick spread (50mil / 1.3mm), for a sturdier experience. Add 10% to the total price for thick pages.

We will send you a proof of the layout. You can request up to 5 changes, and once everyone’s happy, we will request payment and order the album for you. Within a couple of months, your album will be in your hands. Wait… want extra albums for parents or somebody else? Cool. Save money on duplicate copies.

12×12 inch main album
11×11 inch album – 70% of main album price
10×10 inch album – 60%
8×8 inch album – 50%

Simple eh? So, what are you waiting for? After the cake has been eaten, the flowers have died, and the memories begin to fade, what’s left from your wedding day?


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