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Alternative Wedding Venues in Montreal

I’ve been researching alternative wedding venues in Montreal since I moved here seven years ago. Downtown Montreal is more well known for the glitzy, traditional ballrooms you’ll find at The Windsor or Ritz Carlton, but, as impressive as they are, as a photographer, I’m more drawn to places that have a certain quirkiness. Venues that are different from the norm and have a vibe all of their own.

I began by asking other Montreal wedding photographers what their favourite alternatives were to the traditional wedding venues in and around the city. And then, I asked other wedding vendors for their opinions. Over time and through lots of my own research, I’ve compiled a list of the best alternative wedding venues in Montreal and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for something just a little different for your own wedding, I hope some of the names below will help guide you toward the perfect place for your ceremony or reception.

  1. Parisian Laundry: An artful choice for art enthusiasts, offering a unique and edgy backdrop in a leading contemporary art gallery.

  2. Scena: Ideal for those seeking cool sophistication with panoramic views, located on the Old Port’s waterfront, accommodating large parties.

  3. Grange Manson Barn: Offers a rustic charm 90 minutes from Montreal, with ample space and scenic mountain views, perfect for a countryside wedding.

  4. Cabaret Lion d’Or: An art deco gem with a vintage flair, this 1930s cabaret building brings unparalleled historical elegance to weddings.

  5. Grumman 78: (Note: Closed, but reopening under a new name by Restaurant Beatrice team.) Known for its casual, homey vibe in a former garage, it promises a unique dining experience.

  6. Entrepots Dominion: Voted as Montreal’s top wedding venue, it’s a versatile space with a modern edge, ready to be customized for your special day.

  7. SAT (Society for Arts and Technology): A cutting-edge venue for tech-savvy couples, offering immersive technologies and virtual realities.

  8. Le Bateau-Mouche: A floating venue for a memorable river cruise wedding, providing intimate and grand spaces with stunning river views.

  9. New City Gas: A trendy nightlife spot transformed into a dynamic wedding venue, ideal for those seeking a vibrant, unconventional setting.

  10. Bain St Mathieu: A historical public bath turned reception hall, maintaining its original pool and tiling for a truly distinctive wedding setting.

  11. Le Cafe De l’Horloge: Nestled in Rigaud, this venue blends classic and bohemian vibes in an old post office by the river, perfect for an intimate countryside wedding.

Parisian Laundry

You may have heard of this art gallery space but are perhaps unaware that it is available as a wedding venue. It’s definitely a place that would suit a couple with a love of art and will certainly give your event a uniqueness and edginess that most wouldn’t have seen before for a wedding. Parisian Laundry is one of Canada’s leading contemporary art galleries. The gallery occupies two floors of a 15,000-square-foot restored industrial building. That’s plenty of room for most wedding receptions.

Parisian Laundry venue. Unique venue for weddings



Located right on the water in the Old Port, Scena is a beautiful building with floor-to-ceiling windows and a mezzanine level that is becoming a firm favourite for couples looking for a venue with a sense of cool but one that can also cater to a larger number of guests. There is also the possibility of renting a tent for bigger groups.

All your guests will undoubtedly fall in love with its unique architecture and views of the St-Lawrence, Old Port and downtown Montreal.

Check out this wedding I photographed at Scena


Banquet: 200 guests
Cocktail: 450 guests
Ceremony: 130 guests

Guests seated at Scena wedding venue in Montreal


Grange Manson Barn

Originally a dairy barn and subsequently used for beef farming, Grange Manson Barn is now a reception hall and is available for rent for weddings.

Located 90 minutes from Montreal, the venue can easily handle groups of 200 people with tables on the main floor and an additional 12 tables on the second floor (a mezzanine). Two outside balconies, one on each floor, overlook the mountains to the north and west and give views all the way from Mt. Peavey on the left to Mt. Foster on the right. The vistas provide a perfect backdrop for any special event or ceremony.

red head bride portrait


Cabaret Lion d’Or

Once condemned to destruction, this art deco-style venue is one of just a few 1930s cabaret buildings to still exist in Montreal. It now hosts events of all kinds, from cultural evenings, launches, press conferences, celebrations, screenings, corporate events, and, of course, weddings.

In 2002, a major renovation was carried out thanks to financial support from SODEC. In addition to refreshing the walls, the aim was to equip the Lion d’Or with a sound system and new lighting to meet the increasingly specific demands of the artistic community. For weddings, there really is nowhere quite like it in Quebec.

Unusual wedding fifties style wedding dress on bride with her groom


Grumman 78

*Sadly no longer open

At Grumman 78, located in St-Henri, they claim to “believe in laughing, swearing, hugs & kisses and eating. We revel in a welcoming space, soft lighting, inappropriate jokes, wine and cocktails. We believe in being comfortable – it’s not fancy, but it’s delicious. We want you to feel at home, that coming to Grumman is like sleeping in your own bed after a long trip”. And if that doesn’t sound like the kind of place to get married, I don’t know what does!

Located in an old garage, Grumman 78 was born in 2011. Grumman has evolved into a 90-seat restaurant and one-of-a-kind dining room.


alternative bride & groom portrait


Entrepots Dominion

Recently voted the Best Wedding Venue in Montreal by wedding vendors, Entrepots Dominion is a really adaptable space with a unique, contemporary vibe and can be a blank space waiting for you to add your own personal taste with decoration and detail.

The patio area outside is perfect for an urban ceremony with a difference, whereas the indoor areas would suit both large or intimate weddings. Either way, Entrepots Dominion is an excellent backdrop for your wedding photos.

Have a look at Alicia & Gabriel’s slideshow from their wedding at Entrepots Dominion.

entrepôts dominion



Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is an internationally recognized not-for-profit organization for its active and pioneering role in the development of immersive technologies, virtual reality, and the creative use of ultra-fast broadband networks.

The SAT is the meeting place for all sorts of events, and that now includes weddings. A very cool location that will also be a talking point for your guests.

la scena wedding photos with guests dancing


Le Bateau-Mouche

You want different?! How about exchanging your vows on the Saint-Lawrence River, surrounded by friends and family, and setting sail from the Jacques-Cartier wharf in the heart of Old Montreal?

Le Bateau-Mouche features two rooms that can be rented separately from each other. The Main Deck can hold up to 140 guests, and the Upper Deck up to 50 guests. Your guests will have access to a well-appointed terrace at all times.

Your celebration could be bathed in sunlight during the day, while the evening offers a subdued ambience of the waterways at night.

Emma Case


New City Gas

Maybe you’ve been to New City Gas before. You are more likely to see a superstar DJ than a couple exchanging wedding vows. What was once an energy source for the city’s lights is now a glowing presence in the Montreal nightlife scene and was ranked as Canada’s #1 nightclub for the second year in a row in DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 clubs poll.

Located directly in the heart of Griffintown, the building has been transformed into a multifunctional event space encompassing over 40,000 square feet on two floors. It is perfect for couples wanting something cool and quirky.



Bain St Mathieu

An old public bath that was erected in 1930, Bain Mathieu was abandoned in 1990 for a period of 10 years. It was then entrusted to SPAG (Société pour Promouvoir les Arts Gigantesques) which would renovate and transform it into a multifunctional reception hall.

A patrimonial building of the south-central borough, Bain Mathieu distinguishes itself from all the reception halls in Montreal, with its original pool still intact with original tiling and its capacity to adapt to any type of event, including weddings.

First kiss at outdoor Cafe de l'Horloge wedding


Le Cafe De l’Horloge

Located in Rigaud, Quebec, Le Café de l’Horloge is a charming venue set in the countryside that specializes in hosting beautiful weddings and other special events. Set in an old post office right by the river, this venue combines classic and bohemian influences to create Rigaud’s newest wedding venue. With its beautiful stained glass windows, fireplace, classic furnishings, and impeccable service, your wedding will be unforgettable!

Check out Isabelle & Dominic’s intimate outdoor wedding at Le Cafe de l’Horloge.

quirky photo of bride and groom reading books

If you’re planning a wedding at one of these reception venues and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you.

Alternative wedding venue with bridal party

ALTERNATIVE WEDDING VENUES MONTREALalternative wedding venues Montreal
Alternative wedding venues in Montreal

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