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Auberge des Gallant Wedding

auberge des gallant wedding

Auberge des Gallant Wedding

I’ve been wanting to photograph an outdoor wedding at Auberge des Gallant for so long! This is one of the closest wedding venues to where we live, and it’s also one of the best in the Montreal area, and totally suits my style of photography. And happily, I’m now one of the wedding photographers that the planner at Auberge Des Gallant recommends to couples.

Remember that post I made about the best outdoor wedding venues near Montreal? Well, Auberge des Gallant was high up on my list, and for good reason.

I love the fact that couples can have their ceremony outdoors, close to the water. I also love that the grounds are not too over-stylized. It all feels very rustic and natural. One thing I always aim for is to capture a good variety of great photos. Some venues make that difficult to achieve, but Auberge Des Gallant makes it easy to get a varied collection of fantastic wedding photos. The staff at the venue is lovely, and the interior of the venue is filled with character.

Cassandra & Tristan’s wedding was in October, so they also had all those autumnal colours, which really added to the vibe and made for some great wedding photos. The couple was super-chilled and made sure everyone had the best day. They even had a surprise magician turn up who blew a few people’s minds!

We shot some of the couple portraits close to the water and in amongst the trees before heading to the old barn around the corner to get something a little different. Cassandra & Tristan are big wine lovers, so in the evening, we headed to the venue’s wine cellar to do some more photos. And then we headed outside with the bridal party and a handful of sparklers. All good fun, and it made for some cool images. I shot this one alongside my good pal and fellow Brit, Chris Paine.

Big congrats to Cassandra & Tristan on a fantastic wedding. Can’t wait to shoot at this venue again!

If you’re planning a wedding at Auberge Des Gallant and looking for Montreal wedding photographers, I’d love to hear from you so please drop me an email.

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A wedding is a grand and significant event that requires careful planning. At Auberge des Gallant, the team takes pride in guiding couples through the planning process, from ceremony to reception, to ensure an unforgettable event. The wedding packages offered at Auberge des Gallant are tailored to meet the needs of all couples and fit within any budget. The Gastronomic Package is perfect for those who desire a romantic grand celebration. The experienced staff is eager to show couples the various options available at Auberge des Gallant, including a turnkey solution. For more information, couples are encouraged to fill out a form and the team at Auberge des Gallant will be happy to assist them in planning their dream wedding.

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