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Such perfect photos ! We are so happy.

When Mia and Lorenzo asked me to be their wedding photographer at Bean Town Ranch, I immediately knew this would be a wedding to remember. Wow, the venue near Ottawa really is beautiful, and the couple and I clicked from our first chat. They’re both photographers and also really into their music, just like I am. 

There’s always a bit more pressure when photographers book me to capture their weddings for them, but often they also allow me a lot of freedom and trust. That allows me to be more creative with the photography and ultimately results in better pictures from the day.

The bride began the day getting ready with her mother and bridesmaids at the Doubletree Hilton in Ottawa. I loved shooting in the room they had, with its unusual angles and great light. I used my 35mm lens and a wide aperture for much of the preparation coverage, and I really like the images from that part of the day. Meanwhile, the groom and his groomsmen got ready at Lorenzo and Mia’s home, with all the vintage cameras, vinyl, and cool memorabilia decorating the rooms.

Once everyone was ready, it was off to the wedding venue. It was my first time at Bean Town Ranch, and as soon as I arrived, I knew it was the kind of place I love taking photos. The rustic barns, quirky decor, and surrounding nature all make for very cool photo locations with a relaxed vibe that enhances the fun wedding vibe that the couple was going for.

The ceremony was held outdoors, with guests sitting on wooden benches, and I loved how the celebrant wandered around the whole space rather than remaining stationary at the front. It certainly helped make the guests feel included. The vows were pretty emotional, and there may have been a few tears before the couple exchanged rings and threw their arms in the air as everybody burst into applause.

After they tied the knot, we took a photo with all the guests before heading off with Mia and Lorenzo for some couple portraits. I could have photographed them for hours, but I’m always mindful that it’s their wedding day, and I’d rather they be with their friends and family than spend too much time away from me and my cameras.

Soon enough, it was time for food, drinks, speeches, and more tears inside the reception hall. And then everyone was called outside again for a very special moment that has become something of a trademark at Bean Town now. The first dance takes place in the center of the lake as fireworks go off in the night sky above. It’s absolutely spectacular, but also very tricky to photograph! Thankfully, I captured a few shots where the bride and groom and the fireworks all make the picture work.

The rest of the evening was spent partying with the guests and chilling by the firepit. The perfect end to a truly memorable day

Because of my job as a wedding photographer near Ottawa, I got to see some breathtaking buildings and landscapes. Really, this setting couldn’t be more ideal for the big day! In the gallery below, you will see a small sampling of photographs I took at Bean Town Receptions. 

Huge thanks to Mia and Lorenzo for trusting me for the job, and to their friends and family for making me feel welcome. And also to the staff at Bean Town Receptions who may well qualify as the friendliest and most helpful I’ve ever known. Just brilliant!

If you’re planning your own wedding and think my photography might be a good fit, I’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

To be invited to be the wedding photographer at Bean Town Ranch is an honour I will never forget. Wow, the venue near Ottawa really is beautiful. Because of my job as a wedding photographer, I got to see some breathtaking buildings and landscapes. Really, this setting couldn’t be more ideal for the big day! In the gallery above, you will see a small sampling of photographs I took at Mia and Lorenzo’s wedding, held at Bean Town Ranch in September 2022. A beautiful late-summer wedding with a very cool couple; this was a very fun day.

Bean Town Ranch was once a venue for snowmobilers to get together, but it has now become a multipurpose event space. For their own wedding on May 2, 1998, owners Guy and Genevieve envisioned what is now Bean Town: a place where couples could relax and enjoy attentive, custom, turnkey service in a comfortable, welcoming, and unpretentious setting. Guy and Geneviève’s success is due in large part to the love and support of their family and friends and the hard work of their loyal and dedicated staff.

About Bean Town Receptions

Bean Town Receptions is a one-of-a-kind place for weddings and other parties. It is 20 miles east of Ottawa in a quiet part of the country on 100 acres. Featuring a pavilion and a quaint chapel as well as beautifully groomed grounds, this venue has everything you might want for a wedding or other special event. The beautiful fish pond and forest in Bean Town make a picture-perfect setting for your wedding or other special events.


With the forests, well-maintained pond, rustic barns, effective lighting, and fantastic decor, the venue is ready-made for great photos wherever you go.

The Locations

The Anjou Hall can accommodate up to 150 guests for dinner and an extra 75 guests in the evening. It provides a cozy, homey setting with its natural log walls, chandeliers, touches of rustic décor, and gorgeous view of the pond. The Anjou Hall has an extensive coat check, a separate bridal chamber, restrooms, a fully stocked bar, a mirror ball, and LED lighting for your enjoyment.

The Chapel is the first facility visitors will enter when arriving at Bean Town Receptions. As such, it may serve as a welcoming location for the start of your event by providing seats, a guestbook and gift table, a licenced bar, and a place to change clothes and store coats. With its fireplace, blanket station, and sound system, the Chapel is equipped to host your winter wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour.

A one-of-a-kind two-story structure that would look great in any photograph, The Pavilion has a softly adorned ceremony arch, natural log seats, elegant chandelier lighting, a fully licenced heated bar room, and eco-washrooms, all of which are reminiscent of old rustic barns. The outdoor ceremony setting, backed by the pond and woodland, is accessible by the wide barn doors on the side, and it features seats, a decorated arch, and magnificent young maple trees lining the aisle.

The magnificent outdoor wedding setting, complete with a modestly adorned ceremonial arch, natural log seats, and gorgeous maple trees forming an aisle, is situated in front of a pond and surrounded by woodland.

This spot is ideal for:

In Spring, the surrounding cherry blossom trees are a sight to see;
In summer, the landscape is lush and green;
In Fall, the foliage is attractive, with breathtaking colours.

Photo Areas

There are several different locations that are ideal for taking photographs. Take pictures of the wedding party on a bridge, a woodland path, a rocky outcropping, or perhaps an old-fashioned covered wagon. 

Bean Town Ranch is a 100-acre location in the countryside, only 40 minutes east of Ottawa, and it has served as a wedding and event venue for over 20 years. Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor ceremony in the Pavilion or the quaint chapel, Bean Town’s lovely setting in the midst of a fish pond and calm maple forest is the perfect backdrop for your special occasion.

There are indoor and outdoor spaces for gatherings of 60 to 150 people, so it’s a good choice for couples who want a lot of options.

Stylish, unique, and completely stress-free! Trust in their dedicated planning staff and their 26 years of experience to bring your vision to life. They want you to have a memorable and stress-free wedding experience so you can focus on what really matters.

Each of their wedding packages includes:

Customized services for holding a wedding
Wedding preparations would not be complete without a dress rehearsal the week prior.
Facilitator of the wedding ceremony and rehearsal
Assembly and disassembly
Carriage rides in a horse-drawn vehicle
Fireworks and candlelight along the lake
A fireworks show to accompany the first dance
Ornaments with a seasonal motif
Party tunes from the moment guests arrive till the first dance
Various forms of seating and lighting architecture, including benches, lanterns, pews, and arches
Garments for the table Cooking utensils

Chef Paul Silk has wowed everyone with his innovative meals and top-notch home cooking, all of which include only the freshest ingredients. Chef Paul’s expertise in cooking meat and sauces to perfection has earned him a reputation that has lasted for more than 14 years at BeanTown and acclaim from critics and diners alike. Paul has been the sous chef at the Canadian Parliament for the past 25 years, during which time he has prepared meals for countless foreign politicians and dignitaries. Bean Town is grateful for his hard work, excellent service, and, of course, tasty cuisine.


On the night of your wedding, there is no need to reserve lodging or return home. If you are married at Bean Town Ranch, you may spend your honeymoon in a secluded cabin in the woods. Included as well is their guesthouse, affectionately known as “Chez Max,” which can host as many as 12 people (just enough for the bridal party!). On their website, Bean Town Beds has a full list of hotels, including three that are a short walk from the venue and offer free shuttle service.


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  1. Wow! The Pavilion, Anjou Hall, and Chapel all looked beautiful in the photos. I love how you incorporated the mirror and the fireworks. Also, the photos you took of the reception really portray a fun and energetic atmosphere. Great work on the photography!

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