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This year was easily one of my favourites since I became a full-time professional photographer over ten years ago. I think I’m finally beginning to feel settled in Montreal, and I also think the right clients are now starting to hear about me in Quebec. This year was my busiest as far as weddings in Canada but it also proved to be a year when the kind of weddings I booked were much more suited to my photography style.

The year involved less travelling overseas, partly because Evelyne started a new job in nursing so her hours meant that having a husband jetting around the planet every few weeks would not have made her super happy. Remember: Happy Wife – Happy Life, right?

I did get to shoot in Mexico and the US and also visited the UK a couple of times this year for weddings, family sessions and to host some workshops. I head back to the UK next week for another wedding. The bride was one of the attendees of my wedding photography workshop and booked me the day after the workshop!

I was also invited to speak at the Rock Your Shot workshop in England which was really good fun. I love the fact that I get to go back to England for weddings every few months. UK weddings are often some of the very best ones, and it means I also get the chance to see family & friends, visit some decent pubs and to stock up on M&S tea bags, Daddies sauce & Bisto. You can take the boy out of England…. 🙂

best wedding photos in quebec, canada

I photographed a couple of my favourite weddings ever and ended the year with more friends than I started it with as a result. Every single wedding was completely unique. One of the main things I love about shooting weddings is that no two are ever the same, and every single one is all about the people and their connection to each other.

This year also saw me launch my brand new editorial portraiture and commercial photography site. This is an area I’m looking forward to pursuing more next year. You can check out the new side of my photography business by clicking HERE.

Oh yeah! And I also completed my Blogtober challenge to blog every day during the month of October. You can check out all 31 posts on the blog.

When I began choosing my favourite images of the year I was aiming to show the variety of photography I do. Documentary, portraits, concerts…. they all have one thing in common though. People. I love photographing people. Maybe they’re up on a stage screaming their heart out or maybe they’re committing to the most important human being they will meet during their time on Earth. Maybe they’re just hanging out with their kids in the park or maybe they simply wanna look cool! I love it all and am grateful for every year I get to indulge my passion for photography.

So to anyone who invited me into their lives with my cameras, a huge Thank You! Or maybe Merci. I do not take that kind of trust for granted.

I’m genuinely excited to get stuck into the new year. There’s plenty to look forward to, including more travel to the UK, Croatia and more. I have a great variety of weddings that I can’t wait to document for my couples.

I wish everyone taking the time to read this and check out my photography a truly amazing, healthy and happy New Year.

Below are just some of the photos I took in the past 12 months.


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  1. Such strong, impactful imagery – and so varied and creative. You have it all, man! I still tell people how your workshop was a massive turning point for me, all those years ago; it really was a game-changer. Top stuff as always Mr. G!

  2. Steve, I just took the time to look at this post and this is an absolutely brilliant set of images! I love how your music photos and your family and wedding photography have the same energy even though the subjects are so different! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work!

  3. Always look forward to your end of year Steve. That mix of weddings, family and Band stuff keeps me hooked from start to finish. And that C+TQ’s opening shot is DA FUCKING BOMB!

  4. Absolutely incredible Steve, I love the blend and weddings and music portraits in your work and brand, it’s just super cool frame after super cool frame! All the best for 2019 mate, and love to team Gerrard! x

  5. wow, great stuff! Love the energy of you band and music photography, and the colours are brilliant. That first pic (Christine and The Queens?) is lovely.

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