Clapton Country Club Wedding in London

clapton country club wedding

“Everything we could have wished for and more. Some amazing, hilarious, high-energy, heart-warming, tender moments, some we saw and some we missed. All perfectly capturing the emotion of the day throughout.” – Hannah + Matt

This wedding at Clapton Country Club in London was just magnificent. And as much as I love photographing weddings here in Canada, Hannah + Matt‘s day reminded me how much I love being back in the UK to photograph weddings over there. There is definitely a vibe to British weddings that I don’t see often in Montreal.

Hannah & Matt’s wedding was originally meant to happen back in Easter of 2020. You can guess what happened! By the time they managed to have their wedding at Clapton Country Club in November of 2021, we were all more than ready to celebrate in style. And that is exactly how it went down!

It was actually just great to be back in London. The evening before I got to meet up with my best friend from school, and newly successful YouTuber, Darren for a beer or four. The vibe in London on a Friday night is always unlike anywhere else. I made sure I didn’t stay out too late though. Nobody needs a hungover wedding photographer!

The wedding day began with a cab over to the wedding venue where the boys were hanging out and setting things up with the help of the very lovely Cherelle from Perfectly Planned. I introduced myself to everyone but soon headed over to The Brownswood pub where Hannah and the girls were getting ready. I was joined by their videographer Robin from Loved Up Films. It was our first time meeting but we found out we had some good mutual friends. You should definitely check out his work if you’re looking for a videographer.

Another cab back to Clapton Country Club and the pace of the day started picking up, but there was still chance for a whiskey toast with the boys to calm any nerves. People were arriving at the venue and it wasn’t long before everyone was seated and Hannah arrived with her Dad.

The ceremony was conducted by the couple’s friend, Pats, who completely nailed it. I love when the ceremony involves friends and family. It makes everything more fun and loses any sense of formality. There were jokes, knowing glances and just the right amount of genuine emotion.

The venue itself looked amazing, with fantastic decor and two huge framed pixel portraits of the bride & groom. The real-life crowns made an appearance later in the day.

In wedding blogs, we’re supposed to say that the bride wore an amazing dress and the groom looked handsome or dapper or whatever. I usually skip that bit even if the dress was amazing. However, I will say that Hannah’s dress was perfect. I’m a big fan of that style of wedding dress personally and she looked fab. And Matt’s suit was one of the coolest I’ve seen. Next time I get married, I’ll definitely consider that shade of green!

We got some hilarious speeches, especially thanks to Matt who has had some experience as a stand-up comedian so expectations were high. He rose to the challenge in fine style. And the “Hannah Forkan Fan Club” made a memorable appearance with some exclusive merch. The Best Men knocked it out of the park with a detailed presentation of Matt’s life so far. It was also great to see Leo & Kate whose wedding I photographed a few years ago. In fact, quite a few of the guests were there too.

I don’t think I need to say much about the evening reception. All I need to do is let you see the photos below. A silent disco is always brilliant and a few old classics had the dancefloor rocking until the curfew brought the night to a close. Oh yeah, and how about the outfit change?! Too cool.

Thanks so much to Hannah & Matt for inviting me across the Atlantic to photograph one of the best weddings I’ve ever been lucky enough to witness. I hope I get to hang out with them again sometime.

Enjoy the photos!

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