Victoria + Alasdair – A Moxhull Hall Wedding


Moxhull Hall is almost certainly the venue I’ve shot weddings at more than any other. It’s one of the most popular wedding venues in the area and, now that they can host outdoor ceremonies there, it’s even better than ever.

Victoria + Alasdair’s wedding was a relaxed day all about having fun with their favourite people. And one of those people, playing the role of Best Man, was my good pal Johnny Dent who also happens to be a superb wedding photographer himself. It was John who recommended me to the couple so I’m super grateful to him.

Along for the ride was another pal of mine, and of John’s, the bearded warrior himself, Lee Allen. Thanks to Lee for helping me out on this one. You’ll see his hairy face in the photos below…

Biggest thanks of all to Alasdair and Vicky for trusting me to capture their day for them. Good times all around…

If you are planning a wedding at Moxhull Hall I’d love to hear from you so please drop me an email via the Contact Page.

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Moxhull Hall is a hotel, wedding and conference venue in Wishaw, near Sutton Coldfield, in WarwickshireEngland.

The manor of Moxhull was owned by the Lisle family from the 16th century and later by the Hackett family. The last Andrew Hackett died in 1815 and his widow married Berkeley Octavious Noel, a grandson of the 4th Earl of Gainsborough. Their son sold the estate to Thomas Ryland.

The original manor house, which stood in Moxhull Park, now the site of The De Vere Belfry Hotel and Golf Centre, was destroyed by fire in about 1900. Losses in the fire included a fine oak staircase that had been installed from Kenilworth Castle in 1760.

The then Lord of the Manor, Howard Ryland, Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, built a new Manor House, Moxhull Hall, a short distance away at Holly Lane, Wishaw. His grandson, Thomas Howard Ryland, sold the estate in 1926 and it fell into the ownership of two other owners until, in 1969, Moxhull Hall was converted into a hotel.

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