Band Portraits Portfolio

I’m a Brit, living just outside of Montreal since 2014.

I’m also an award-winning photographer with a dynamic and cinematic edge to my band & music portrait photography. My work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Rolling Stone, NME, Exclaim!, Metal Hammer and Professional Photographer and I’ve been accredited photographer for the likes of Pearl Jam, Kanye West, Metallica and the Global Gathering festival.

I work mainly on location, preferring environmental portraiture that adds more story-telling and context to an image, but I also offer simple headshots and close-up portraits.

I have photographed celebrities, actors, musicians, dancers, sports personalities, authors, comedians and many more, and always aim to capture something of the true personality of the people I meet.

My portraits are usually for editorial, promotional, or commercial purposes. Often for social media, posters and album covers.

The process starts with a brainstorming session in which we discuss and develop the concept, mood and location for the shoot, as well as any target audience for the final images.

Feel free to check out my Instagram for more of my recent work.

For more info please email me via the Contact page.