Nant Gwrtheyrn Wedding


Oh man! What a wedding this was. Hopefully you’ll be able to tell how much fun Kirsty, Nathan, their guests and myself had just by looking through their images. These are two people who are so perfectly suited that it’s impossible to imagine them not being a couple. They don’t take themselves seriously at all and, as a result, are surrounded by people who adore them.

Even the ceremony was fun! And pretty emotional too. The speeches had the whole room crying with laughter. The hilarious dance routines. The superhero theme. That sunset. And Nant Gwrtheyrn has to be one of my favourite wedding venues I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at. Tucked away on the north west cost of Wales, it really is a stunning location. I could’ve stayed there for days.

Oh yeah, and check out the wedding cake. Is that not the coolest cake you’ve seen? The perfect compromise. Love it!

I can’t thank Kirsty & Nathan enough for being absolute superstar clients and for trusting me to capture this amazing wedding for them. I truly hope I get to hang out with them again some time.

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If you’re planning a Nant Gwrtheyrn wedding I’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch….

The quarry named Nant Gwrtheyrn opened in 1861, and was serviced by a village on the site of the current language centre called Porth y Nant. Nant Gwrtheyrn produced setts used for road surfacing. The community lived an isolated existence, with product shipped and goods shipped out mainly via the Irish Sea, resulting limited contact with the outside world.

The quarry closed early in World War II, partly due to a drop in demand and also to transport difficulties. The hillsides of the Nant, through their landscape scars and the ruins of quarry structures, testify to this former existence.

After the quarry was closed, the community dispersed and the cottages fell into disrepair. Occupied by hippies for a time during the 1960s, the site was the subject of several plans for redevelopment, including as an approved school, when it was acquired by a local trust set up to establish a Welsh language centre there.

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