Portrait Photography

Making great portraits of people, whether they’re a bride & groom, rock star, cute kid, sports personality or celebrity, is a huge part of what I do.

My portraits have been featured in magazines, galleries, well known websites and in frames on the walls of my clients’ homes.

Portrait shoots begin at $250 (Canada) or £180 (UK) per hour. Family sessions are $600 (Canada) or £400 (UK) and usually last around 2-3 hours.

Making a great portrait photograph is all about getting to know a person and bringing out their true personality rather than just showing what somebody looks like.

If it’s a couple I like to show the connection between them. If it’s a celebrity or aspiring musician, I aim to show their character as much as making them look cool. For families it’s all about capturing the interactions between kids and their parents in an environment where kids can enjoy themselves. No studio lights and white backdrops here!


Editorial Portraits