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I get asked about engagement shoots A LOT. You may call them engagement sessions or pre-wedding shoots. Or maybe you’re not planning a wedding but still want some great photos of the two of you to remember this time in your journey together. Cool. I love all kinds of couple photoshoots.


Engagement/Couple Portraits

Lots of people often feel they don’t need or want an engagement shoot and that’s fine. Weddings are expensive enough, right? But if the idea floats your boat and you fancy a little pre-wedding engagement shoot then step right up.

For me, engagement sessions are more about capturing the REAL you at a significant time in your lives.

It’s a great way for us all to get to know each other a little better, plus you get to have a bit of a break from wedding prep to spend some time together at a location that means something to you. Especially if it’s one that wasn’t suitable for the wedding itself. If you’re a confirmed city person and you’re getting hitched by a lake, then it’s an excellent opportunity to use a venue that’s closer to home: cities make COOL backdrops.

Maybe your wedding will be downtown but you’d love some portraits in the place you go hiking on weekends. Then let’s get out into the wilds and make photos as we go.

Lots of people arrive nervously but leave feeling on top of the world. Most of them tell me afterwards that it was a great “practice” for the day itself, and are subsequently super-relaxed in their wedding photos. Engagement shoots are good like that: they’re wonderful ice-breakers.


I tend to do pre-wedding and engagement shoots Monday to Thursday and can fit in with your schedule and preferences (after-work, sunsets and so forth). I can come to you, or you can pop up to see me in St-Lazare: lots of gorgeous countryside around here. Just sayin’.


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Couple Portraits


Where to shoot? That’s the question. Think about places you love, places that mean something to you both. Where did you go on your first date? Is there a museum or gallery that you both love? We could even shoot in your home if that appeals.


I’m British. You don’t have to remind me that the weather has a mind of its own. But don’t worry, if you have your heart set on an outside location then we can look at rescheduling. Although we may not need to, some of my fave shoots have taken place in imperfect weather and, especially in big cities, there’s often somewhere cool to shoot undercover nearby.

The same rules apply to a wet wedding day. Sometimes you can make use of the rain – it can bring a whole new vibe to the photographs: wet pavements that reflect the light, ethereal overcast skies and puddles working as mirrors.


If it’s the summer (or forecast to be sunny), you really want to avoid the midday sun as it’s just not your friend. A few hours before sunset always works well but if you’re an early riser, morning light can be gorgeous. If it’s overcast, the sky can act like a giant softbox (a light modifier used by photographers) making the natural light soft and flattering, so an overcast day could actually be a great thing.


Almost all my couples tell me they’re not super-comfortable in front of a camera. I get it. I can help guide you and give you some natural direction that’ll help you relax and enjoy every moment. I don’t over-pose couples as I want the photos to be genuine and in no way feel fake.


A 2-hour session is $600 + tx (Canada) or £400 (UK) and includes all the edited hi-res photos. Cool stuff like framed prints and coffee table books are available to purchase after the photos are delivered. We can do one or multiple locations and I’m more than happy to travel anywhere. Travel costs may apply.

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