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What is personal branding photography?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  – Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

High-quality personal branding photography can support entrepreneurs’ business and personal goals.  It tells a story and differentiates a business from the competition.  Most importantly, authentic photography builds trust with your clients. 

I’m a personal branding photographer offering private sessions for business owners.  These sessions may focus on the owner, their products or a little bit of both!  These sessions are more organic than a standard product photography session.  Personal branding sessions should focus on showing off your personality and style. 

You might like to think of them as business lifestyle sessions.

Personal Brand Photography Montreal

Take your brand message, your mission, your colours and your unique personality and bring it all together in a photoshoot that your clients will love. Personal branding photography is exactly what it sounds like, photography for your brand that focuses on your personality.

Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the crowd, it’s what makes you unique and interesting. Your personal brand is the experience that only you can create for your clients and followers. It is what grabs their attention when they are scrolling through Instagram or what makes them stop when they pause in front of your shop.


Your images are often the first impression you make on your clients, so you need them to convey the message you want them to hear when they think of your brand. They should also be on-brand. They should match the mood and feeling of your business as well as the website and graphic design.

As a personal branding photographer, I regularly see how my images are used on social media.  They could also be used for your website, advertisements, or marketing materials. 


Why is photography important for personal branding?

People crave connections with other people.  No longer are we content to simply give our money to the lowest priced competitor.  We want to know the person behind the products and services we invest in.  Savvy business owners recognize the power of connection in their marketing efforts and have turned to photographers to help build their brand.

Images of a person’s personal brand show their personality and warmth and help the business owner connect with his or her audience.  Finally, imagery helps build a brand and positions the business as authentic and honest.

Professional photographs also convey a sense of trust and investment in the business. Quirky images and everyday cell snaps have a place.  But a high-level brand needs high-level photography!


I’m a Brit, living just outside of Montreal since 2014. I’m also an award-winning portrait photographer with a cinematic edge to my editorial portraiture. My work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Rolling Stone, Metal Hammer, and Professional Photographer and I’ve been an accredited photographer for the likes of Pearl Jam, Kanye West, Metallica, and the Global Gathering festival. I work mainly on location, preferring environmental portraiture that adds more story-telling and context to an image, but I also offer headshots and personal brand photography.

Personal Branding Photography Montreal

I have photographed celebrities, actors, musicians, dancers, sports personalities, authors, comedians and many more, and always aim to capture something of the true personalities of the people I meet. My portraits are usually for editorial, promotional, or commercial purposes. The process starts with a brainstorming session in which we discuss and develop the concept, mood and location for the shoot, as well as any target audience for the final images.

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