Stonefields Estate Wedding

Stonefields Estate Wedding photo near Ottawa, Ontario

We knew as soon as we saw your work that you were the photographer for us – and you did not disappoint! You captured so many amazing moments and emotions throughout the day and we will cherish them forever!

Stonefields Estate Wedding Photography

Stonefields Estate near Ottawa is no ordinary wedding venue. In fact, if Evelyne and I were to get married all over again, I think this place would be top of our list of potential wedding venues. It is quite simply…. stunning!

With its rustic barn buildings and relaxed vibes to its recently added Ceremony House for wedding ceremonies, Stonefields is the kind of place your guests would always feel like they can chill out and really enjoy the fun of the wedding day. And that’s exactly how it went down at Amanda & Thierry’s wedding.

Amanda & Thierry also recommended me to another couple, Emma & Rob, whose wedding at Adelina you may remember from the blog. And it was great to see Emma and Rob at this wedding too.

I photographed this wedding solo, and my day began with the girls, as it usually does. It was a busy house, with everyone having hair and makeup done before heading to Stonefields for the finishing touches. The boys also got ready in one of the buildings at the venue and then headed over to the Ceremony House.

After an emotional ceremony, everyone gathered on the grounds to enjoy the weather and a few canapes before being invited into the Stonefields Loft for dinner, speeches and dancing.

For the couple portraits, I managed to split the sessions up as I never want to take the bride & groom away from their guests for too long. We did a few after the ceremony, some as the sun was setting and grabbed a couple after dark with the evening lighting.

I’d been looking forward to this wedding for a long time, and it still exceeded my expectations. Not only were Amanda & Thierry an absolute pleasure to work with, but their guests made me feel really welcome, and Stephanie & Steve from Stonefields helped me to get the best from the day too.

I really look forward to photographing more weddings at Stonefields Estate, so if you’re planning a wedding there, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me via the CONTACT PAGE.

Massive thanks and congrats to Amanda & Thierry. Superstar clients!

Stonefields Estate Wedding Photos

About Stonefields Estate

In 1816, the Hawkins, one of the original families of the Ottawa Valley, arrived in the area now known as Beckwith. They constructed a small log cabin to reside in, which would later be honoured with the name Hawkins Settler’s Cabin. The Hawkins also erected barns for their livestock and farming equipment, which are now rustic landmarks on the Stonefields Estate. Four decades later, the family built a substantial stone farmhouse, becoming the focal point of their 120-acre farm. The homestead saw only a few changes in ownership in the following century.

More than 150 years later, the farmhouse was renamed as the Stonefields Inn. It now provides an elegant backdrop for outdoor wedding ceremonies and accommodates guests overnight. 

Back in 2009, the farm was bought by Stephanie and Steve Malenfant and renamed Stonefields Estate. Stephanie had been in love with the property for years. When she and Steve decided to open their own outdoor wedding venue, they knew the farm would be a perfect location. 

With help from their community, Stephanie and Steve begin transforming the farm into one of Canada’s finest wedding venues.

In 2015, Stephanie and Steve purchased a 110-year-old barn from a neighbouring farm. Their vision is to transform it into a French country-inspired barn for wedding receptions.

It takes almost a year to rebuild the barn on site, add vintage windows and install modern conveniences. The result is a classic event space that effortlessly combines old with new. 

Midway through the restorations, Steve proposes to Stephanie on the estate grounds. They hold their wedding in the Loft shortly after it’s completed in 2016.

About Steve

I’m a Brit living in Montreal with my wife, Evelyne and our three boys, Elliott, Isaac and Jonas! Evelyne and I met in the Alps in 2003 when Evelyne thought she was a cool snowboarder, and I thought I was a superstar DJ. We got married in 2007 in Cornwall, England and moved to Canada in 2014. I photographed my first wedding in 2006 and have now shot almost 500 weddings, mostly in Canada & the UK, but I absolutely love travelling anywhere in the world. I enjoyed it when I started but love my job now more than ever.

** Voted Best Wedding Photographer by the readers of Perfect Wedding Magazine **

“Steve Gerrard has a knack for capturing the tiniest, fleeting moments you didn’t even realize were happening, as well as the all-important hero shots.” – Rock My Wedding Blog

Below is a short slideshow of some of my favourite recent wedding photos… Take a look. And turn the sound up!

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