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A wedding venue with more history than almost any other in Montreal. Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel, located in Old Montreal, is the oldest inn in North America. Established in 1754, it was also the first establishment to have an alcohol license issued.

As a wedding venue, it’s got plenty of old rustic charm. Deck it out with candles and it becomes a romantic and cosy brick-clad space with plenty of potential to make it your own.

Venues like this one are exactly the kind of place we love to photograph weddings at in Montreal. If you think we might be the perfect photographers for your day, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of witnessing and capturing the essence of love in many unique and beautiful settings. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Auberge St Gabriel in Montreal, a venue that exudes history and charm. I’d like to share my experience, focusing not just on the photography but on the ambiance and feel of this remarkable location.

**The Historical Charm of Auberge St Gabriel**

Auberge St Gabriel isn’t your typical wedding venue. It’s steeped in history, being one of the oldest inns in North America, and you can feel the richness of the past in its walls. For me, this historical depth adds an extra layer of meaning to the wedding photos. The stone walls, wooden beams, and fireplaces create a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s both elegant and comforting.

**Morning Preparations**

The day started with the bridal party preparations. Auberge St Gabriel offers quaint, beautifully lit rooms that are perfect for these intimate moments. The soft, natural light filtering through the windows was ideal for capturing the detailed textures of the wedding dress, the delicate jewellery, and the candid expressions of excitement and anticipation.

**The Ceremony**

The ceremony was held in a cozy room adorned with old stone and warm wooden tones. The wall sconces and chandeliers’ ambient lighting gave the space a romantic glow. As a photographer, capturing the expressions of the couple against this charming backdrop was a delightful experience. The intimacy of the space made the ceremony feel incredibly personal and heartfelt.

**The Reception**

The reception was a blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. The exposed stone walls and wooden beams, combined with elegant table settings and soft lighting, created a space that was both stylish and relaxed. The challenge here was to balance the ambient lighting with my photography to capture the true atmosphere of the evening. The speeches, the laughter, and the dancing all took place under the warm glow of the chandeliers, making for some beautifully atmospheric shots.

**Capturing Candid Moments**

One of my favorite aspects of photographing weddings at Auberge St Gabriel is the wealth of opportunities for candid shots. The layout of the venue, with its nooks and crannies, allows for intimate moments to unfold naturally. Whether it was a quiet conversation between old friends or the laughter of children playing, these candid moments added a layer of depth and authenticity to the wedding album.

**The Couple’s Photoshoot**

For the couple’s photoshoot, we utilized the unique spaces within Auberge St Gabriel. The rustic charm of the venue, combined with the modern elegance of the couple’s attire, created a beautiful contrast. We explored the inn, capturing moments in front of the large fireplaces, against the stone walls, and in the cozy corners. The historic ambiance of the venue added a timeless quality to these photographs.

**Challenges and Adaptations**

Like any indoor venue, Auberge St Gabriel presented some challenges, particularly in terms of lighting. The dimly lit rooms required careful consideration to capture the mood without losing detail. However, these challenges were also what made the photography experience rewarding. Adapting to the different lighting scenarios pushed my creativity and allowed me to capture the warmth and intimacy of the venue.

Throughout the day, what struck me the most was the atmosphere of warmth and intimacy that permeated the venue. Auberge St Gabriel is a place that feels both grand and cozy at the same time. It’s not just a backdrop for a wedding; it’s a character in the story of the day.

Looking back on the photos from this Auberge St Gabriel wedding, I am reminded of the unique beauty of this venue. The historic charm, combined with the joy and love of the wedding, created a collection of photos that are not just visually appealing but are also rich with story and emotion.

A wedding at Auberge St Gabriel is more than just a celebration; it’s an experience that is imbued with history, warmth, and charm. For couples looking for a venue that offers both elegance and comfort, this is a place that should definitely be considered. And for a wedding photographer like me, it’s a joy to capture the moments of love and celebration in such a unique and historic setting. The memories made here are not just captured in photos but are also etched in the walls of this remarkable venue.

Below is a short slideshow of some of my favourite recent wedding photographs… Take a look. Turn the sound up!

Steve Gerrard – Wedding Portfolio from Steve Gerrard on Vimeo.

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