Worfield Village Hall Wedding

Worfield Village Hall wedding photos

Often it’s the simplest of weddings that end up being our favourites. The ones where the couple do away with high end fancy venues and put their efforts into making an event that’s relaxed, fun and more like a celebration with their favourite people than a stuffy formal affair.

Kristy and Conor’s wedding was a perfect example. I felt like these two were my good friends from the day we met. They spent their wedding smiling in the company of friends and family, with a church ceremony at St Peter’s Church Worfield in Shropshire before heading to Worfield Village Hall for good food, a few glasses of champagne, a fantastic band and a whole lotta fun.

Good times!

Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0497 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0496 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0498 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0499 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0500 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0501 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0502 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0503 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0504 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0505 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0506 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0507 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0508 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0509 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0510 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0511 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0512 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0513 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0514 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0515 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0516 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0517 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0518 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0519 Worfield-Village-Hall-wedding_0520

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