July 20, 2020 Steve Gerrard

20 Years Since I Warmed Up For Oasis at Wembley

21st July 2000 is a date I’ll remember til the day I die. You could say that, in my mind, it’ll “live forever”.

It all began when Oasis’ PR company put out the word that they were looking for a DJ to warm up for the band and to DJ between the support bands, Happy Mondays and Doves. They asked a few people to offer an example playlist of what they might play, given the opportunity. I suspect a few DJ’s went for the standard indie disco set, but I avoided the obvious entirely, mixing Motown, funk and soul with a few indie remixes. I got the job!

I invited my good friend and fellow Ramshackle DJ, Carlton, to join me for the gig.

On the day itself, we were given VIP and access and set up at the side of the main stage. Not just any stage, Wembley Stadium. The same stage that hosted Live Aid. You’ve seen the movie Bohemian Rhapsody? THAT stage!!!

Thankfully the weather gods were on our side and it was a blistering July day and everyone was in fine spirits. We kept the tunes comin’ and threw in the occasional curveball. Josh Wink’s Higher State Of Consciousness got the whole arena dancing. And we stopped off at the office of Distinctive Records on the way to Wembley just so that I could play a brand new Hybrid remix of Future Sound Of London’s Papua New Guinea.

Moments before Oasis took the stage, I was the last person on stage before the band. The concert was released later on album and DVD under the name Familiar To Millions.

The show itself was perfection. Watching the band perform Live Forever and the whole of Wembley singing along gave me goosebumps.

After the gig, we got to hang out at the after-party along with Kate Moss, Jude Law, Rachel Hunter, half of Eastenders and the sisters from All Saints.

If I could go back and give a few words of advice to myself on that day, I certainly would. I had some amazing opportunities at that time and, although I certainly had an incredible few years, in hindsight I could’ve made some much better decisions. Still… don’t look back in anger, as one poet once said.

In the photo below, taken by Brian Robinson, that’s us in the bottom right-hand corner of the stage 🙂

Although nobody at Wembley that day was there because I was DJing, I still have people mention that they were there and they remember me playing a certain tune. For me, it will always be a day I know I can tell my grandkids about.

The PR company sent me a thank you not long after the concert, together with a cover of Familiar To Millions signed by Oasis. It’s still framed in my house.


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  1. Dominic Boyle

    I was at that gig…what an amazing day I had. Brian Robinson is someone I’ve known since we were kids, growing up on the same road in Northfield, Birmingham. Its mad when I see the stuff he’s done. A day I will never forget and thank you for dropping in that remix of Papua New Guinea and Higher state of consciousness ✌✌✌✌
    Colossal ✊

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