October 1, 2018 Steve Gerrard

Introducing…. Blogtober

mexico wedding photography

So here’s an idea I’ve had for 2 or 3 years now but have always missed the start date…. October 1st. Not this year!

A little challenge to myself under the title “Blogtober”.

So, here’s the deal. For one month. 31 days. October. I will blog every day. Every. Day!

Evelyne laughed when I told her my idea so now I really have to do it. Ha!

Wedding season is about to slow down so I have a little more time to post blogs. I still have 3 weddings this month but as the temperature drops and the kiddos are back to school, I find myself with a little more in-between time to spend on things like blogging.

I’ve photographed four proposals already this year. This was taken not long after Kimiya said yes to Neal.

I have SO MANY weddings, concerts, portrait session, family shoots and other stuff that I haven’t got around to blogging. And some of those are some of my favourite shoots I’ve done in recent months. For proof, check out my first Blogtober post, Kari & Pat’s incredible wedding at the breathtaking Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. That’s where Celine Dion got married folks! Check it out on the blog today. October 1st 🙂

So who agrees with Evelyne? Who thinks I’ve set myself too big a challenge to blog every day this month? That’s 31 blog posts in 31 days. Some will be weddings, some will be bands or families. And maybe some other stuff in between. I’ve shot a few proposals recently so I’ll definitely blog some of my faves from those too.

I’ll be blogging every morning so keep checking back and please leave a comment if you’re feeling generous. It’s nice to know that people are seeing the posts.

For anyone who’s interested, today’s blog post (Kari + Pat) is my first designed using Narrative. I’ve always used Blogstomp up until today but really like some of Narrative’s design and layout options. I’ll try to keep you updated on how I like it.

Happy Blogtober everybody!

Marmozets band portrait

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