March 27, 2020 Steve Gerrard

Judging the This Is Reportage Awards

It’s always an honour to be considered any kind of authority on photography by your peers which is why I never take it for granted when I’m invited to speak at a workshop or be interviewed for a podcast. So when the guys from the excellent This Is Reportage site asked if I’d like to judge the This Is Reportage Awards, I was again somewhat humbled.

Reportage wedding photography is, in my opinion, the hardest part of wedding photography to excel at. There are so many elements that need to come together to make a truly great reportage photo from a wedding. Timing, composition, light, emotion, humour…. when all these things collide in a split second for a photographer, it’s quite remarkable. There’s certainly an element of luck involved, but a big part of being a great wedding photographer is being prepared for when luck is on your side.

Judging the awards took many hours, looking through images and wedding stories. And the standard was surprisingly high. There were some images that I honestly didn’t think should have been submitted but overall, it was really difficult to choose the winners.

I’d like to thank Alan Law for trusting me for the job. You can see the winning images HERE

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