April 23, 2020 Steve Gerrard

The Gerrard Boys Talk Photography


I’ve been a professional photographer since before my kids were born. Actually I started my business in 2007 which was the same year my eldest was born. It was also the year Evelyne & I got married. Twice!

So, our kids have grown up with photography, regularly having their Dad chasing them around with a camera. And often missing their Dad on weekends while he’s off shooting a wedding, sometimes on the other side of the world.

But I’ve never stopped to ask them what they think about my career, what kind of photos they like of themselves, or whether they may even want to be a pro photographer when they’re older. Until now. And I decided it’d be something worth capturing on video, even if it was just on my iPhone.

So, I present to you The Gerrard Boys on Photography. Enjoy!

Family photo by Eric Brisson. Photo of the boys by Drew Willingham.

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