July 17, 2020 Steve Gerrard

We made a teenager!

July 17th 2007 everything changed. Evelyne and I went from being a couple to being Mom & Dad to a little baby that we named Elliott.

Since then we’ve watched him grow into a kind, smart, funny and sometimes annoying kid who loves football, video games and sushi. He’s also a great big brother to the two babies that followed, Isaac and Jonas.

And today that baby became a teenager. I know how amazing and transformative my teenage years were and I can’t wait to discover the person he becomes over the next few years.

For his 13th birthday, we are 8 hours from home in the wilds of Quebec. We went fishing, played games and we let Elliott choose the main meal. Sushi, obviously.

Happy Birthday Elliott. We all think you’re pretty damn cool. And we love you more than you love video games xxx

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