May 30, 2016 Steve Gerrard

Chateau Vaudreuil Wedding – Sneak Peek

I’m definitely a fan of Chateau Vaudreuil for wedding pictures. I love shooting weddings at this wedding venue, just off of the island of Montreal.

Not only is it a gorgeous venue right on the water, but it’s also just 15 minutes from where we live! When you shoot weddings all over the world, the fact that you can quickly go home at the end of the day is a nice bonus!

Anne + Joe booked me to shoot their wedding just a few weeks before the event after their original photographer let them down. I was only too happy to step in to help and their wedding could not have been more perfect. I think they did destroy my record for the number of group shots they had though! haha.

Here are a few sneak peeks of their wedding. More coming very soon…

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