May 21, 2010 alan

Eric Clapton + Steve Winwood @ Birmingham LG Arena


OK, let’s not kid ourselves here… These aren’t the best live shots I’ve ever taken!

Unfortunately, despite having a photo pass for the Eric Clapton gig, we were only allowed to shoot from half way back in the LG Arena, and only for the first 2 songs! That’s a good few hundred feet from the stage. Not great!

Still, this is Clapton we’re talking about here. I was still honoured to be there. And he had his mate Steve Winwood along for the ride.

Most of my shots were, predictably, very similar, so here are just a few from the gig.


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  1. Sally

    Hi Steve,

    the last to pics are fantastic. Wonderful the pic of the stage and a typical photo of EC..just in his music. I go to the shows in Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

    Wish you & your family a nice weekend


    • steve

      These were shot on the 70-200 but I’ve even used a 500mm from the desk at the LG. If you’re down the front it’s a different thing altogether but the 70-200 is still useful.

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