November 8, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Dominique + Jameel – Rock The Frock Session


Some people call it Trash The Dress. We call it Rock The Frock. Partly because we don’t really “trash” anything.

Dominique & Jameel were married this summer and booked this shoot for a few weeks later. Away from the craziness of their actual wedding day we got to spend a day making photos, hangin’ out and exploring a variety of locations around the Birmingham area.

I love doing these shoots! I wanna do more! Who’s up for it?

Here are just a few of the photos we came back with from their session…

2013-11-08_0002 2013-11-08_0003 2013-11-08_0004 2013-11-08_0005 2013-11-08_0006 2013-11-08_0007 2013-11-08_0008 2013-11-08_0009 2013-11-08_0010 2013-11-08_0011 2013-11-08_0012 2013-11-08_0013 2013-11-08_0014


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