January 22, 2009 alan

Things I like.. Things I don't…

Inspired by a certain other photographer I thought I’d give you a little more insight to the man behind the camera. That’d be me then 🙂 A little list of stuff I love and stuff I don’t love at all. Not an easy thing to do with my usual photographic accompaniments so, for now, here’s a recent photo of Elliott in the park taken with the luscious 85mm 1.2 lens… I love them both (Elliott and the lens).

Stuff that I love…

1. A girl called Evelyne.
2. Music with emotion.
3. Daddies Brown Sauce.
4. Checking items off a to-do list.
5. Traveling in Asia.
6. Stephen Fry.
7. The perfect cup of tea.
8. Mayonaise – the Smashing Pumpkins song.
9. Freshly cleaned sheets.
10. Can-do people.
11. Scuba diving.
12. Driving along Sunset Boulevard with the roof down.
13. Direct flights.
14. Jack Daniel’s, but only with coke.
15. Frankie Boyle‘s humour.
16. Dark chocolate.
17. Countryside pubs.
18. The last blue in the sky before nightfall.
19. When somebody covers a song and makes it better.
20. Power showers.
21. The Image Is Found
22. Waking up early and not feeling tired.
23. Stationery – I have an unhealthy obsession with marker pens and jotters!
24. Funky hotels.
25. The T-Mobile Dance
26. FailBlog.org
27. Evelyne’s chicken pasta.
28. Bose noise cancelling headphones.
29. Homemade greetings cards.
30. Blog comments 😉

Stuff that bugs me…

1. Drivers who hog the middle lane when the left lane is clear.
2. People who don’t like bands just because they’re popular.
3. Perfectly wrapped presents.
4. Rogues apostrophes!
5. Traffic lights which change to red when nobody else is at the junction.
6. Expensive Wifi.
7. Sentimental patriotism.
8. Mayonnaise – the food.
9. Never having enough time.
10. Parents who dress twins in identical clothes.
11. Having no mobile phone reception in my house.
12. People who assume I only shoot weddings because it pays well.
13. Girls who say that nothing’s wrong while making it obvious that there’s something very wrong.
14. Kaiser Chiefs.
15. The Mighty Boosh. I tried to like it. It’s rubbish!
16. Drivers who don’t say thank you after you let them out at a junction.
17. Warm beer.
18. Traffic. Especially when it’s in my way!!
19. Gold jewelery.
20. Cutting-the-cake photos.
21. 3 songs, no flash!
22. Fat kids.
23. When somebody puts a slice of lemon in my Jack & coke.
24. People who think the Bible is a true story.
25. Shaving.
26. Fairweather friends.
27. Greetings cards that say “this was the cheapest in the shop and I don’t know you at all”.
28. Miami. Apart from when it’s full of my friends.
29. Christmas decorations in any month except December.
30. When bands I love release albums that I don’t love.

Go on, leave me a comment with one thing you love and one thing that bugs you to death! 🙂

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Comments (12)

  1. Ian

    Things i like ‘The Joshua Tree’Late nights’First signs of Spring.Late evening sun [the golden Hour]
    Italian wine.
    Things i don’t Salad cream’bad mannered people, The Office [Kak]Bands who cover a song and murder it [they know who they are].

  2. Tony

    You don’t like fat kids. What about fat adults? 😀

    I like Apple products. I don’t like Microsoft products – apart from my Xbox 360.
    I like earning. I don’t like my job.
    I like going to gigs. I don’t like everyone else at gigs – they just get in my way.
    I like Lost. I don’t like not knowing what’s going on in Lost.
    I love my girlfriend. I don’t love being a two hours drive away from her.
    I like food that’s bad for you. I don’t like that it’s bad for you.
    I like the fact that I’m typing this on my iPhone…

  3. Looks fantastic, Steve! Stunning view from your window!

    I like fat kids….when they’re having a paddy outside McD’s because mum won’t share her tripple-Mcfriggin-fatso-cheese burger.
    I love “good” lighting.
    I like coffee (milk & 1/2 sugar)
    I love honesty/friendship

    I hate mainstream cinema
    I hate wasting my time/failing
    I hate my addiction to buying new kit
    I hate lack of respect/manners

  4. Steve

    Love: belly laughs

    Hate: the unending spectrum of human stupidity (including my fastidious adherence to the request to offer only one thing I love/hate)

  5. gotta love:
    ADOBE and all the geeky goodness that it provides.
    Money earnt from a job you love doing.
    Tom is bang on about the coffe, as long as its not cheap vending machine coffee.
    BBC I PLAYER, its like TV for people that dont like sharing the remote control.
    Having a empty memory card, full battery juice, and a stunning sunset.

    Not really loving:
    Sorry, but hippy vegan people. i just dont get it. People who have no conviction in life.
    The idea that i have it all wrong.
    No hot water when i want a shave.

    Thats about it really!

  6. Luan Spreadbury

    the day before my holiday, baby animals, manners, crooked teeth, organising social events, capturing the moment, losing the plot on the dance floor cos the music is just awesome.

    moths, upsetting people, food with bits in, Mariah Carey, drivers cutting you up on a roundabout, cigarette smoke when I’m eating, the last day of my holiday.


    bar not having Budweiser

  7. Zoe

    I love a good pub quiz, especially if it has a music round.

    I hate ‘Deal or No Deal’, do I have to explain?

  8. Steph

    I love my wedding photo, not just all of them, but THE one in particular. Never before has any-one encapsulated everything that means the most to me in the world in just one shot, one fleeting glimpse, one moment of time that I take with me every day and it warms my heart that I’ll cherish that image forever – Thank you Mr.G!

    I hate people that walk s-l-o-w-l-y, almost to the point of a disabled snails’ pace, especially when I’m most likely listening to DFA 1979 whilst speed walking down the road -Birmingham City Council need to install some kind of fast lane for pedestrians………

  9. Amber Payne

    Love new cities & countries…bugs me how long it takes to get there! I love the fresh scent of gardenia, lillies, & hyacinths. I hate the smell of vanilla. I love sarcasm but dislike cynicism. I love good food & wine, I hate franchises! Have fun in Asia! Keep the amazing photos coming!!

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