October 22, 2008 alan

Why Trash The Dress?

The media seem to be picking up on the whole Trash The Dress craze which seems to have divided opinion quite strongly from the discussions I’ve had with brides and, more often, their mothers! Plenty of people see the whole affair as quite outrageous and wasteful, destroying a beautiful and, of course, expensive wedding dress just for the sake of some photos. I totally understand the argument and would never try to change somebody’s mind if that’s how they feel.

However… there is an equally valid second opinion which is becoming more and more popular…

It all comes down to what happens to the dress after the wedding day. Does a bride put the dress away thinking maybe one day she’ll get it out and reminisce about her wedding day? Or maybe she thinks she could pass it on to her daughter in 30 years time (yeah right!)? Or does she plan to put the dress on eBay and make some of her money back? Trust me, dresses rarely sell on eBay for more than a tenth of what you paid for it. Some girls may think they could dye the dress and crop it to make a funky little evening dress. Most though, in my opinion, have no idea what to do with it and end up putting the dress somewhere to gather dust.

So, why “trash the dress”? In actual fact the whole Trash The Dress name is a little misleading. Around 80% of shoots under that banner result in the dress needing nothing more than a clean. Occasionally, of course, brides actually relish the chance to really TRASH the dress and get some unique and dynamic images in the process. Just look at Alt F‘s site to see what I mean. A Trash The Dress session allows you time to get amazing photos of yourself in that gorgeous dress without the worry of wedding day time schedules. It allows you to use locations anywhere you choose rather than in or around the wedding venue. And if it rains, unlike the wedding day, you can reschedule the shoot or even use the rain as a dramatic element for the photos.

Like I say, I’d never try to convince a bride that she should have a Trash the Dress session if she’s not sure about the idea, but for some girls, I think it’s a shame not to!

I’ve had researchers from ITV’s “This Morning” show asking if any of my brides would be up for doing their Trash The Dress session on TV, and today Radio WM called asking if they could feature one on the station (not sure how they want to do that on radio but still…).

If you fancy really getting the most out of your wedding dress and having plenty of fun in the process, please give me a call to chat about ideas. Feel free to leave any comments in this post if you have any thoughts on the whole Trash The Dress idea.

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Comments (5)

  1. I agree. You can go to Goodwill, Salvation Army and get an old wedding dress to trash for $10. My kids are really tiny and wore their Grandma’s wedding dress. My grandkids will probably be bigger and wear mine. Why trash something you spent thousands on?

  2. Steve K

    Not sure I totally agree there Bear. Not being a bride and never having worn a wedding dress (that I will admit to!) may not make me qualified to comment, but in my opinion it’s the fact that wedding dresses do cost so much and are so revered during the actual wedding that makes Trash the Dress so appealing. For me, there are two things that really appeal about Trash the Dress, one is seeing something so traditionally beautiful in a completely contrasting setting, but more so it’s the commitment from the Bride to do something so daring with HER dress that no doubt was agonised over in the preparation for her wedding. For me, I would love to see a photograph of my wife looking beautiful on our wedding day hung right next to a shot from a Trash the Dress shoot.

  3. Princess G

    I’m looking forward to trashing the dress more than the wedding! It like confirming that your committed and do not intend on marring again. I’m hoping my bridesmaids will trash theirs too! Besides Mum kept her dress and all we ever do is find it and laugh at it. Then put it back in the box, it’s horrid! Rip it, get it dirty, bin it! I hope I’ll never be a bride twice anyway! I’m also going to let my daughters eat chocolate ice cream in their outfits. 2 beautiful girls, 2 Scarlet dresses, 1 tub of Ben and Jerry’s, a whole heap of photos! Now I just need to set a date. X

  4. Mary G

    Princess G, I feel just like you do – I will go for the ttd thing and I hope that our whole wedding party will join in, my BMs in any case. We’re having a celebration that goes over several days, and all that time I’ll have to be careful with my big snd very expensive outfit, so what a relief it will be to just go wild at the end of it all. I won’t rip it but I’m all ready to go for a food fight or even a paint fight. Yes in my full outfit, original dress, veil, train, silk high heels and the whole lot. And your idea of letting your daughters go for eating chocolate icecream in their outfits is great – they’ll probably both eat it and get it all over each other 🙂 I’ll let our little flower girls join in too and do something they wouldn’t be allowed to normally, like get food stains on their lovely dresses or stomp in paint in their dress shoes ! I’m sure they’ll be laughing when they see those pictures later on 🙂

  5. Katy Downham

    Hi there,

    I’m a second year student writing a feature on trash the dress for my assessment and would really appreciate ANY help you can give me. I dont want to borrow pictures I’d much rather appreciate your opinion on the whole trash the dress movement. Dont worry this feature isnt going to be published it’s purely for class purposes only!

    Thanks for any help you can give

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