January 26, 2021 Steve Gerrard

I started a YouTube channel!

Recently, my old friend from school, Darren Mostyn, started his own YouTube channel teaching people about colour grading in Davinci Resolve software.

Within 7 months of starting he had hit 13,000 subscribers and began encouraging me to launch a channel of my own. I liked the idea so much I decided I’d go for it. Plus the fact that photography work is limited right now means I do actually have more time to research, plan and create videos.

My first video went live a few days ago, quickly followed by two more.

As I mention in the first video, I was initially reluctant to get into training other photographers. But then somebody asked me this:

If the photographer you were when you started could spend the day with the photographer you are now, would that have any value?

It was then that I realised that I actually did have a lot of knowledge to share when it came to photography, even if I wasn’t an expert in every aspect of the topic. So I announced my first workshop which sold out in less than 24 hours!

Since then, I’ve trained hundreds of photographers and decided now was the time to take things online and launch my very own YouTube channel.

I’ve really been enjoying adding this new string to my bow. I’ve learned more about filming video and editing the footage and am excited about this new chapter in my photography journey.

Plus, my kids now think I’m kinda cool. Score!

I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and tutorials as well as behind the scenes footage when circumstances allow.

If you wanna help me out, it makes a big difference to the YouTube algorithm when people Like, Subscribe and “ring the bell” on my videos, so I’d very much appreciate that if you have a few seconds.

Thanks to Darren for his encouragement and advice and thanks to anyone who already took time to watch my videos.

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