October 22, 2020 Steve Gerrard

Sarah + Adam – An Intimate Backyard Wedding

“We are sooo happy with how you captured the wedding… all the photos are amazing! We just can’t get over how incredible they all are” – Sarah + Adam

Planning a wedding in 2020 can be a frustrating experience. The ever-changing restrictions due to COVID-19 mean that wedding plans can be forced to change at a moment’s notice. Sarah & Adam know that all too well!

After multiple revisions to their day, it was less than 24 hours before their wedding that the Quebec authorities changed the rules again, meaning the couple had to downsize once again and could only have their closest family members attend. My heart went out to them.

Over a weekend in late September, I got to photograph their intimate wedding at Sarah’s parents’ stunning home, followed by a Sunday brunch with their close friends and family to compensate for the fact that not everyone could be at the wedding.

As you’ll hopefully see from the photos below, both days ended up being fantastic celebrations. For the wedding day, we had perfect weather in an amazing location right on the water just outside of Montreal. The ceremony was conducted by the couple’s brother-in-law Sean, who did a fantastic job. Joe’s Prop House made sure the decor looked great and Astilbe did a beautiful job with the flowers. They always do.

For the Sunday brunch, we headed down to Old Montreal to a new restaurant called Wren’s. It was such a cool, relaxed spot with superb food served between speeches, some Tarantella napkin spinning and a few tunes from my pal DJ Shane.

Imagine being a wedding planner in the age of an international pandemic! Being able to roll with the punches when plans are continuously having to change must be a huge challenge. 2020 has been tough for me as a wedding photographer, but it must be so much tougher working as a wedding planner in these uncertain times. So I was more than impressed to see how Michelle from Le Wedding Mill managed to make sure that Sarah & Adam’s weekend was still an undoubted success. A true star.

Despite the challenges, this was a really special wedding with some lovely people and I’m thankful I got to be there to witness it all. Huge thanks to Sarah & Adam for trusting me for the job. They’re a fantastic couple.

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